Late Bus


Students riding on the late bus are to get off the bus at the stop closest to their home. The late bus is a service provided to ALL middle school students who may need to remain after school for school activities.

Transportation Provider:

First Student
7A Andover Drive
West Hartford
Telephone: 860-953-2030

Due at school: 7:45 AM
Dismissal From School: 2:50 PM Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri; 1:30 PM Wed

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday ONLY - 4:05 - pickup in back - King Philip Drive

LATE BUS - North Route #1 (assigned to Bus #11)

  • On Simsbury Road at Harwich Lane

  • On Simsbury Road at Brownleigh Road

  • On Greenbrier Drive at Northbrook Road

  • #75 Bloomfield Avenue

  • On Albany Avenue at Northmoor Road

  • On Still Road opposite Still Lane

  • On Mountain Road at Beacon Hill Drive

  • On Beacon Hill Drive at Pheasant Chase

  • On Mountain Road at Forest Hills Drive

  • On Mountain Road at Walker Lane

  • On Mountain Road at Avondale Road

  • On Mountain Road at Lovelace Drive

  • On Ferncliff Drive at Westcliff Drive (area of #134 Ferncliff)

  • Mountainside Road in cul-de-sac

  • #2 Mountain Brook Road

  • On Mountain at Orchard Road

  • On Mountain Road at Wintergreen Lane

  • #478 Mountain Road

  • #2649 Albany Ave

  • On Flagg Road opposite Blue Ridge Lane

  • On Asylum Ave at Blue Ridge Lane

  • Foxmeadow Lane at Craigmoor Road

  • On North Main at Loomis Drive

  • On Fern Street at Hilltop Drive

  • On Cliffmore Road across from Foxchase Lane

  • On Brookside Drive across from Brookside PLace

  • On Fern Street opposite Brookline Drive

  • On Fern Street at Robin Road

  • On Fern Street at North Quaker Lane

  • On North Quaker Lane at Milton Street

  • On Farmington Avenue at Bishop Road

LATE BUS  - South Route #2 (assigned to Bus #145)

  • On Bainton at Eastwood Road

  • On Steele Road at Middlebrook Road

  • On Farmington Avenue at Arnoldale Road

  • On Farmington Avenue at South Highland Street

  • On South Highland Street at Boulevard

  • On Boulevard at Maplewood Avenue

  • On South Quaker lane at Vera Street

  • On Park Road at Oakwood Avenue

  • On Oakwood avenue Opposite Gillette Street

  • On Oakwood Avenue at St. James Street

  • On St. Augustine at South Quaker Lane

  • On Federal Street at Elmfield Street

  • On New Britain Avenue at Hillcrest Avenue