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King Philip is an inclusive learning community of approximately 930 students and more than 130 faculty and staff members. We educate sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students, who are divided into nine academic teams to create smaller, more intimate learning communities.  We want our students' middle school years to be memorable, and we work as a staff to create an environment where students can flourish during these critical years.   We challenge our students to be Rooted in Character by dedicating themselves to be  RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and GOOD CITIZENS.

School Hours

Monday: 7:40 am - 2:50 pm

Tuesday: 7:40 am - 2:50 pm

Wednesday: 7:40 am - 1: 30 pm

Thursday: 7:40 am - 2:50 pm

Friday: 7:40 am - 2:50 pm

The office is open daily 7:00 am - 4:00 pm.

When arriving at King Philip, please be prepared to show a valid driver's license or other identification during school hours.

Character Counts

Rooted in Character: Vision of the Graduate

We believe character is important to our academic and social success.  We are committed to West Hartford Public School’s Vision of the Graduate which includes Honor and Integrity, Respect for Self and Others, Curiosity and Love of Learning, and Perseverance and Self Direction.  We want to recognize students who consciously or habitually demonstrate the characteristics of the Graduate. These characteristics are noted below: 

Students demonstrate Honor and Integrity by:

  • Doing what is right, even if it is difficult; standing up for what you believe in; showing confidence in doing right even when others are doing wrong; keeping your word, and doing what you promise you will do.
  • Doing what is right so people can depend on you; doing what you say you will do in the time you say you will do it; keeping your word and promises; earning people's trust so that they can count on you.
  • Being accountable for your words and actions; doing the right thing; doing what people trust you to do; taking an active role in your learning.
  • Always telling the truth no matter how difficult it might be; not taking things that do not belong to you without asking permission; returning items that belong to others; doing your work and not looking at other students’ answers.

Students demonstrate Respect for Self and Others by:

  • Showing understanding for the needs of others; doing what you can to make others feel good; being kind, giving, and thoughtful. 
  • Making sure that others are treated as you would want to be treated; playing by the rules, so everyone is treated the same; taking turns, sharing & listening to others without interrupting; recognizing that age and responsibility allow different rights.
  • Being considerate and treating people, places, and things with politeness and kindness; treating something that matters like it matters.

Students demonstrate Curiosity and Love of Learning by:

  • Asking meaningful questions and desire to learn more
  • Seeking out new and meaningful information
  • Mastering new skills, topics and bodies of information
  • Being eager to share what is being learned with others


Students demonstrate Determination and Self- Efficacy by:

  • Understanding personal strengths and recognized areas of growth
  • Setting goals and creates a plan including time management, seeks advice and support
  • Taking intellectual risks; maintains a growth mindset by seeing failure as an opportunity and maintains focus and commitment to growth.

Click for more information on the WHPS Vision of the Graduate

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More about...

At King Philip, we understand that emotions matter! We are excited to be using RULER, an evidence-based approach to social and emotional learning that helps school communities integrate the practice of emotional intelligence into daily life, with our 6th graders.

Why do we care about social and emotional skills? Decades of research shows that emotional intelligence is essential to effective teaching and learning, sound decision making, physical and mental health, and success in school and beyond. Research also shows that when schools and homes partner to support children’s emotional development, children not only feel better, but they do better.

RULER teaches five key skills of emotional intelligence:

Recognizing emotions in one’s self and others.
Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions.
Labeling emotions accurately.
Expressing emotions appropriately.
Regulating emotions effectively.

We integrate RULER skills into our academic curriculum and provide opportunities for students and all the key adults involved in their education – teachers, administrators, and family members – to learn, model and practice these skills.

We look forward to partnering with you and sharing more about this approach. Please keep an eye on the school calendar and newsletter for RULER resources and workshops in support of caregivers and families. RULER Website at Yale

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