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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


975 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT 06117
Phone: 860-232-4561
Fax: 860-236-0366

Dan Zittoun, Principal 


Welcome to the Hall High School Health Room

Phone: (860) 232-4561 Ext. 5115 or 5116
Fax: (860) 929-5117

Kathy Wnuk, RN (kathy_wnuk@whps.org)
Elizabeth Marcella, RN (elizabeth_marcella@whps.org)

The following information is designed to acquaint you with our health services.  Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns at (860) 232-4561 x5115 or x5116. Our fax number is (860) 929-5117. We appreciate any medical updates with students to keep us informed of how best to care for your child.

1. Assure access to primary health care
2. Provide a system for dealing with crisis medical situations
3. Provide mandated screening and immunization monitoring
4. Provide systems for identification and solution of students’ health and educational problems
5. Provide comprehensive and appropriate health education
6. Provide a healthful and safe school environment that facilitates learning
7. Provide a system of evaluation of the effectiveness of the school health program

Expanding on the School's Health Plan

The school nurse in West Hartford has traditionally assured access to primary health care by developing and maintaining links with community agencies. The school nurse has information regarding the Husky Health Plan for families that do not have insurance. 
*Click HERE to visit the State of Connecticut Husky Website.

The school nurse in West Hartford develops a system of efficient and expert handling of emergency and crisis medical situations. The nurses work with an Emergency Response Team within the school building to develop a plan of action for emergency medical situations.

In accordance with Connecticut State Law and Town of West Hartford policy, a health assessment is required prior to public school enrollment, and in grades 3, 6, and 10. A physical examination includes hematocrit or hemoglobin tests, height, weight and blood pressure, and updating of immunizations as recommended, vision, hearing, speech and gross dental screenings. The assessment shall also include tests for tuberculosis, sickle cell anemia, Cooley’s anemia and tests for lead levels in the blood if such tests are necessary. The health assessment information must be on the State of Connecticut Department of Education Health Assessment Record.
* Click HERE to visit the Blue State of CT Health Assessment Record Form.

Please see the Blue State of CT Health Assessment Form or contact your school nurse.

Students entering West Hartford schools from another state or country MUST have a physical completed by a licensed health care provider dated within one year of entry in West Hartford schools. They must also submit the required immunization information.

Students entering West Hartford schools from another country must also have a PPD test for tuberculosis. Information on clinics and the Health Department may be obtained from the school nurse.

4. Identification and solution of students’ health and education problems

The school nurse in West Hartford is considered a member of the child’s education team. She participates in Strategy meetings, PPT meetings, develops Nursing Care Plans for children with health needs, administers medications and performs specialized health care procedures as ordered by the child’s health care provider.

5. Comprehensive and appropriate health education
The school nurse in West Hartford acts as a resource person for the classroom staff who teach health topics. The nurse may be invited to present information to the class on health and wellness topics. The school nurse does individual health education for children with identified medical conditions. This may include the proper use of prescribed medications, identification of signs and symptoms to report to a parent or teacher. The nurse consults as needed with classroom staff so they can be knowledgeable about a child’s specific needs.

6. Provides safe and healthful school environment
The school nurse in West Hartford provides care for children who may become ill or injured at school. The nurse monitors trends to identify areas that pose risk of injury or illness to students. The nurse maintains communication with the family of students to assure students maintain optimal health status. School nurses are members of the Health and Safety Committee.

7. Provide a system of evaluation of effectiveness of school health program
In West Hartford the school nurse maintains accurate records of care given. The nurse works on an on going system of evaluating the effectiveness of the health care program.

Policies and Procedures

In order to best meet your child’s health and educational needs in school it is requested that a parent/ guardian inform the school nurse of any health related issues in school, change in medications, etc. The school staff working with your child will be notified in a confidential manner of only specific health issues that may affect them in class.

Please also notify the school of any change in emergency numbers.

States law and regulations pertaining to administration of medications in school requires an Authorization Of Medication By School Personnel form be completed by a doctor, dentist, or an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. The form must also be signed by a parent/guardian. Medication must be brought to the nurse in the original labeled container with no more than a 45 day supply.
*Click HERE for the Authorization of Medication by School Personnel Form.

High School students may carry their own asthma inhalers with the completed Authorization for Self Administration of Inhaled Asthma Medication form on file in the nurse’s office. No other medication may be self-carried including Epipens.
*Click HERE for the Authorization for Self Administration of Inhaled Asthma Medication.

Medication form

Regular school attendance is necessary for optimal learning. However, a mere presence at school does not ensure effective learning. A child must be feeling well in order to maximize the learning experience. In addition, a child who is sick and comes to school may spread the illness to other students and staff. It is recommended that a child remain home if any of the following conditions are present:
1. Temperature of 100 degrees or higher
2. The need for medication i.e., Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve or other Acetominophen, aspirin or NSAID to keep the temperature below 100 degrees.
3. Vomiting and /or diarrhea with a loss of appetite and /or fever.
4. A rash that is itchy and spreading and of unknown causes. The child may Return to school after an evaluation by the health care provider.
5. Acute pain that requires narcotic medication for relief.

The school nurse will perform vision and scoliosis screenings on all ninth graders. Referral forms will be mailed home for any student that does not pass the screenings.

Every student athlete must submit an up to date physical. The form must be submitted to the school nurse who will medically clear the student for Athletics. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN SPORTS UNTIL MEDICALLY CLEARED BY THE SCHOOL NURSE.

PLEASE NOTE: If your medical insurance does not cover a physical every
Year you may have your physician complete the State of Connecticut Health Assessment Record with the date of the last physical. The physician needs to also complete the line above stating that the student is eligible to participate in sports for the current school year.

FREE SPORT PHYSICALS ARE CONDUCTED BY THE SCHOOL MEDICAL ADVISOR OR HIS ASSOCIATE BEFORE THE START OF EACH SEASON (i.e.; summer, winter and spring). The specific dates of the Physicals are listed in the athletic department’s web page or you may contact the school nurse for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: A physical submitted for sports may not meet the 10th grade physical requirements, depending on the the date of the physical and immunizations.

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